Welcome to Superette. A lifestyle destination to experience high-end design with an edge. Born with the intention to redefine luxury living, Superette is known for its contemporary, dynamic aesthetic and it’s commitment to sourcing the very best to delight the Superette customer. Since its launch in 2002, Superette has established itself as one of Australasia’s premier style destinations, offering an extensive and expertly curated collection of fashion and lifestyle product from over 150 of the most coveted brands. Superette has consistently been at the forefront of what’s trending, offering a range of effortless essentials, luxurious statement pieces and elevated homeware from a distinguished roster of designers. Superette also launched their own in-house labels, Superette, in 2015 and Superette Leisure Club in 2021, to complement the store offering and to respond to the needs and wants of their devoted ‘Super’ community. Superette now encompasses six brick and mortar stores, a seventh brick and mortar concept store and an ever-growing online store.


Superette embarked on a new adventure launching Superette International in 2018, rounding off a seventh brick and mortar store in the Superette family. Defined as Superette’s higher tier concept store, Superette International is a refined evolution to showcase findings from afar. The brand offering at Superette International comprises of top-tier established designers alongside exciting, emerging brands from every corner of the globe. Superette International focuses on delivering premium wardrobe staples, elevated accessories and highly considered trend pieces to love and wear for years to come. With brands mostly sourced from outside of Australasia, Superette International delivers a mix of some of the world’s most desirable brands to both the New Zealand and International market alongside premium signature packaging, outstanding customer service and customised style advice from a team of dedicated in-house stylists.


We were both in our early 20s and at the very start of careers. We were inspired to leave our 9 to 5 jobs and bring the Superette concept to life. Motivated by some of the trips we had experienced overseas, we came up with a concept to collect exciting pieces from around the world and bring them back to New Zealand.

Our foray into retail first began in an industrial space on Drake St in Auckland.

Those first few years in business were all about hard work and perseverance. We were pulling out all the stops. We were working around the clock to bring our dream to life, building the business slowly and steadily.

Our vision has always been to redefine the concept of luxury living, both in fashion and lifestyle. From day dot, we’ve always been about delivering exceptional products to delight our customer. Our offering is made up of a mix of both established and emerging brands from around the world.

Our boutique approach to the retail industry has always been integral to Superette. This approach has meant we can have a more personalised relationship with the brands we work with, that our product offering is always curated and ensures that our customers shopping experience is always a level beyond an ordinary store experience.

“Superette has always been more than a store, we’ve always aimed to create a lifestyle.” - James

We’re always looking for ways to continuously develop and improve our offering and our experience and keep things exciting. Our hope is that we’re known for innovation. Never sitting still for too long, we love bringing new concepts to life.

“It’s so important for us to keep adapting and changing. We are constantly tweaking and researching to look at what’s next for Superette. If you don't change, you won't grow.” - Rickie

Every new store we open is a really proud moment for us. With seven doors throughout New Zealand and a growing online store, it’s exciting to celebrate nearly 20 years in the retail game.

James & Rickie – Directors of Superette

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