How to care for your knitwear

The delicate quality fibres of wool and cashmere ensures a cosy and soft nature for everyday wear. Taking care of your knits extends the life of your garment.


By minimising the amount of times you wash your knitwear, you will be saving money and holding the quality the of your knit as it preserves colour, reduces stress on the fabric and reduces friction for pillage. As an alternative, your knitwear can be hand washed or spot cleaned and aired out for your next wear.


Hand wash in cold water with a mild wool liquid detergent. Avoid using softeners and bleach as the tend to damage the fibres.


Turn it inside out and gently hand wash for several minutes then rinse until water is clear.


Gently squeeze the water out and avoid wringing or twisting to maintain your knits shape.


To remove excess water place the item on a white cotton towel, fold the towel over, then gently press. Otherwise pop it in a pillowslip, mesh or dedicated laundry bag and spin in your washing machine on a gentle spin cycle. Never put your knitwear in the dryer, the friction will cause it to change shape or Dry laid out flat out of direct sunlight in order to maintain the shape of your knitwear and not lose colour. Airing out your knitwear on a regular basis will naturally remove odours to keep it fresh for less washes also. shrink.


Fold your knits, don't hang. Place in a cool area out of direct sunlight to avoid discolouration.


Wool and Cashmere is long lasting and enduring, but is also delicate. Take care around jewellery and other accessories that may have the potential to pull, snag or rub against your knitwear. If something does catch, don't worry - this naturally happens and is not due to the fibres being delicately woven together and not due to poor quality. Try not to cut or pull at the loosened thread. Instead, push it back through to the other side and tie a knot from the inside to avoid further unravelling. Otherwise, go to your local tailor to repair any major mishaps.