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Kapha Body Oil



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Very excited about the arrival of new brand Ayu a little touch of luxurious indulgence can be on the daily Inspired by the belief that intention permeates the soul of a scent Australian born brand sources globally and hand blends locally to create beautifully balanced body oils that are as spiritual as they are sweet smelling The Kapha body oil is both invigorating and uplifting and is an instant freshness injection for tired skin With light scents of Frankincense lime and neroli its also a natural exfoliant and is packed full of antioxidants to give your skin that radiant glow it deserves

Body oil
Natural exfoliant
Includes antioxidants
For tired skin
Light scents of Frankincense Lime and Neroli
Ingredients Sesame Oil Rice Bran Oil Shatavari Badikateri Chotikateri Nagbala Punarnava Bala Ashwagandha Essential Oils of Frankincense Lime Oil Neroli

Derived from the five elements the three doshas Vata Pitta and Kapha express your mindbody type To achieve and maintain an energetic and happy state we suggest selecting your body oil based on the following personal characteristics

Vatta Creative quick imaginative spontaneous friendly energetic dry skin hair

Pitta Sharp intellectual direct precise organised ambitious sensitive and irritated skin hair thinning

Kapha Detailedorientated steady consistent thoughtful loving slowmoving oily skin hair

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